Hi there! I'm Molly! I was born and raised in Plainwell, MI. I went to college in Kalamazoo, MI, and now live in Columbus, OH. Most of my day is spent working as a Learning & Development Manager at an architecture/engineering/design company.


I've always had an interest in photography, but I really started getting into it in 2015 when I took a photography class at Kalamazoo College. Since then, I've spent a lot of time exploring nature and urban landscapes with my camera. Fast forward to today, and I have portraits filling up my memory cards.


I love photography because it forces me to see the world differently. I find beauty in things that I did not used to notice and I'm so grateful for that. Taking photos of individuals, couples, and families allows me to take the beauty that I find in my day-to-day life and apply it to something that someone can hold on to forever...and that is so cool.